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This innovative, web-based diagnostic tool provides an adviser with a comprehensive analysis of the key business drivers within their practice. It also includes practical ideas and actions to help further enhance their business, while further benchmarking the practice against peers and competitors. The HealthCheck diagnostic is also an ideal tool to provide the structural framework for the development of a business plan for the practice, while also providing the perfect platform for an ongoing business development / practice management relationship between an adviser and a BDM, PDM, wholesaler or account manager.

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Our international research consistently shows most advisors have no formal process in place to ask what their clients think of their services. While most advisers agree this is a key (and neglected) driver for their business, they are too busy managing the myriad of day-to-day operational tasks to devote the necessary time and focus to address this area.

As a solution, Business Health has developed the CATScan - an independent client survey facility that allows advisers to see their business through the eyes of their clients. The findings from the CATScan survey are presented back to the adviser in a detailed report outlining their client ratings in nine key performance areas along with their benchmark comparisons and demographic analysis from our data warehouse.

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Business Evaluator

With mergers and acquisitions continuing to be major issues in the marketplace, it is imperative that advisors, whether considering buying or selling, truly understand the value of their business. The Evaluator provides an independent, objective assessment of the value of a financial planning practice.

By analysing not only the financials but also the client base characteristics, business structure, external profile and internal capabilities of the business, we are able to determine a market value range and advise on the cultural "fit" between the buying and selling organizations.


What do advisors really think about the support they receive from their manufacturer or distribution management? (PDM / BDM / Account Executive / Wholesaler)

How does the manager's performance compare to his/her peers from both inside and external to the group?

An interesting trend we see from our work with advisors worldwide is the increasing importance of building a better business. Advisors are looking for support from their business partners and providers to help them build a better business and enhance the real value they receive.

What are the benefits of the PD CATScan?

  • A simple process - simply nominate the managers and the advisers to be surveyed
  • Objective and independent - a greater likelihood of receiving 'genuine' feedback
  • Confidentiality
  • Benchmarkable - the results allow comparison of the manager's performance against their peers as well as against the broader market
  • Strategic insight -our personal debrief process will provide a consolidated view of the team's performance. Will advisers stay if a certain manager leaves the group? Are advisers referring others?
  • Real time measurement - have the ability to determine the base line results today then track performance of managers over time

Estate Planner

This unique diagnostic helps clients to better understand their estate planning situation ( how prepared they really are) and how their adviser can help them. The Estate Planner provides a comprehensive report, complete with useful information and suggestions. It is web based and takes around 15 minutes for the client to complete, with the resultant report being instantaneously provided to both the client and adviser.

The Estate Planner Report does not provide advice, but only information and has been designed to encourage the client to seek further clarification and advice from their adviser or from other professionals in their adviser's network.

Business Health has an extensive library of manuals, tools and templates that address all aspects of practice management (ranging from client segmentation, through to business planning, people management and new client onboarding). All are predicated on our own proprietary data and the insights we have drawn from working closely with principals and advisers alike over many years. Focus is on the practicality of doing (the 'how to').

Of course, having access to any tool or template does not automatically result in increased profitability or efficiency. The skill is knowing when to introduce the right tool, and how to leverage it into dollars. We work closely with managers and/or advisers to make sure the implementation has maximum effect.

We also work closely with our corporate clients with the aim of internalising this capability. This ensures the value of the relationship is between our corporate client and the adviser, not Business Health and the adviser.

Business Health can also deliver "packaged" customized and integrated programs that offer a number of services, tools and/or templates.

The strategic goals and the operational expense constraints of the programs we build can be quite diverse. We offer large and small group programs.

Large group forums provide an excellent vehicle to introduce key business development / practice management themes as well as a platform to articulate or reinforce key competitive advantages. When prudently managed and coordinated, they are also a cost effective way of providing a valuable forum for advisers to share their experiences - what has worked for them and what lessons they have learnt. Where possible we coordinate any forums with existing training schedules to maximize cost and time efficiencies

As well as large events, we often facilitate smaller, more focused business development / practice management workshops. These are usually limited to those advisers wishing to share and contribute ideas, and would explore issues in far more depth. With fewer numbers, the participants in these groups build up a sense of camaraderie and commitment.

We have experience and expertise in organising and hosting group forums. This includes venue coordination, logistics management, sourcing external speakers, agenda creation and forum facilitation. We also encourage participant "streaming", that is, closely matching the content and delivery method to the ability and desire of the participants.

We understand that these forums (and indeed any other business development / practice management activity) must translate into more revenue for the business. There must be a strong and clear "call to action" and a commitment to change.

Business Health can also tailor and implement a training and skilling program for the management team of fund managers, insurance companies and broker / dealer groups. This program usually consists of three distinct components:-

These can be provided separately or as a coordinated package. The aim of this program is not to produce world's best business coaches, but rather to give managers the skills and confidence required to build (and maintain) meaningful 'business to business' relationships with their key advisers.

  • A comprehensive business development / practice management manual
  • An interactive "hands on" group training session
  • Personalized one-on-one coaching and/or joint advisor appointments

A strategic goal of many of our corporate clients is to ensure the value of any relationship in providing practice management is between the corporate client and the advisor, not Business Health and the advisor. We work closely with our corporate relationships in internalizing the practice management capability where appropriate

All four Business Health principals are experienced business coaches. Each has a number of current coaching clients to whom strategic direction and guidance, as well as hands on operational support, is provided.

For our corporate clients this high-touch component of the program would be reserved for their very best advisers and, traditionally, it would be delivered by the management team. Our aim is to position the client and their managers as the business development / practice management professionals.

However, depending upon the business model, the number and geographical spread of the team and their level of experience and expertise, this may be an outsourced component for some advisers.

We offer consulting services tailored to the needs of our clients in areas such as:-

  • Strategic planning
  • Advisory boards
  • Business development / practice management programs
  • The role of the BDM, PDM, wholesaler, account manager - positioning, training, and compensation.
  • Competitor analysis
  • Introducing financial planning into an accountancy practice
  • Sales and marketing
  • Operational compliance
  • Network development
  • Value proposition - development, review and refinement as required

This, together with the information we are regularly receiving from advisers and their clients in Australia as well as internationally, ensures we are uniquely placed to provide informed and insightful management consulting services.

Business Health also offers research capabilities

Together with our data warehouse of adviser practices and client data, we are able to provide web based research including:

  • Development of research objectives
  • Questionnaire construction
  • Mail list management
  • Executing the survey
  • Results and analysis
  • Report production

Research projects we have undertaken have been diverse in nature, ranging from succession, through to operational compliance and adviser attitudes to key strategic and operational factors facing their broker dealer/ licensee.

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