Introduction to the HealthClub

Nothing is stopping you from improving your business. That's the problem.

Lack of information is stopping many financial advisory businesses from reaching their full potential. However, the HealthClub can help you make more informed decisions about your business. Based around a simple 5-step process, our online practice improvement program is a cost effective way to help you build a more profitable and valuable business.

Our research has shown a company that is devoted to successful implementation of good business practices achieves a higher level of profitability than those who don't.

From this, it's clear achieving great results simply requires good business practices.

Unfortunately though, everyone wants success, but they simply don't take enough time to get to know their business properly.

It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of running a company. So much so, that finding the time to implement good business practices can be difficult. Prioritizing and better time management are skills that many need help with.

Access to the necessary knowledge and experience is also beneficial to improvement.

As well as this, financial advisory businesses need the right level of commitment and accountability from staff to help implement a practice improvement program successfully.

Fortunately though, the HealthClub can provide financial advisory businesses with the information they need to know their business better. This will result in a much improved practice, and a much improved bottom line.

Success requires many steps. Luckily, you only need five.

Step 1 - HealthCheck Diagnostic

The HealthCheck Diagnostic is a unique, objective and innovative self-assessment tool. The Diagnostic assesses and provides you with an instant snapshot of your businesses health.

This will arm you with up-to-date and relevant information on both the results and the processes that drive your business, allowing you to make more informed decisions based on fact and worldwide industry benchmarks, not just your intuition.

Step 2 - Create an Action Plan

Once the current health of your business is understood, an Action Plan is created in order to help you implement better practices. With clear, logical steps, the Action Plan removes confusion and procrastination from the improvement process. The Action Plan also helps you allocate individual responsibilities and time frames. Ultimately, the HealthClub identifies key actions and steps, making it easier for you to improve your business.

Step 3 - Easy access to appropriate tools and templates

Many businesses have access to tools and templates through sources such as fund managers and broker / dealer groups. These tools are often hard to locate and never easily available, and therefore rarely used.

Luckily, the HealthClub provides all you need for your business, 24 hours a day. Our library is also available to search at anytime, and is constantly updated through the global resources of Business Health and our strategic partners.

Step 4 - Implement

Unfortunately, this is the only step we can't do for you. But we think you'll agree, the HealthClub will remove the obstacles previously in the way, making serious practice improvement much easier.

Step 5 - Review the results

Follow up in any practice improvement program is a key component. The HealthClub will review your business on a monthly basis, making sure you've completed the actions you've nominated. The HealthClub will also follow up any individuals within your business who have been allocated responsibilities. The review process is designed to make sure you're implementing what you have agreed to undertake.

Other HealthClub benefits

  • The HealthClub is web based and available 24 hours a day.
  • It gives you access to proven business solutions.
  • The HealthChart will automatically track the progress of your business. This includes the actions created, implemented and the result on the health of your business.
  • The HealthClub Scheduler will assist you with organizing actions you want to implement. It also makes it easier to change any actions, allowing you to prioritise competing resources and tasks.
  • The HealthClub can complement your business coach or PDM. They can be included in on the results of the diagnostic, allocated actions and the monthly follow up. This makes it easier for your business to customize your practice management program with the support you need.

For more information download the HealthClub brochure or to join the HealthClub click here.

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