Sales and Marketing Plan (SMP)

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Where will your revenue come from?

The SMP tool allows a business to forecast its revenue flow over a 12 month period, using various assumptions, which can be varied to allow multiple scenario testing. The SMP also provides some valuable feedback on the capacity of the business to fulfil its revenue forecast, based on these assumptions.



The SMP allows each business to enter their revenue assumptions so they can receive an accurate summary of their expected revenue.  The PDF report will highlight the total revenue expected based on agreed assumptions that include how many new clients will the firm attract, where those new clients will come from, how much revenue is expected from existing clients, both ongoing and new revenue. The SMP Report will also comment on the capacity of the business to see the clients required to generate the business taking important issues into consideration such as the time the adviser has available to see clients, the sales process and the requirements to service existing clients.




A good Revenue Plan can help advisers to focus their activities and achieve the targets they have set. The Marketing Plan then addresses the how.