Confidential Staff Feedback

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What do your staff think?

The Confidential Staff Survey is, as its name implies, a survey of your staff, conducted by Business Health on your behalf. It is available in email format.


The survey can be further supplemented by adding/deleting/modifying questions as you feel necessary. It usually takes around 15 minutes to complete, while all feedback remains strictly confidential.




You will receive a fully customised report, detailing your specific results based on the aggregated/consolidated input from your staff. Systemic or thematic issues will be highlighted, with practical suggestions provided as to possible actions which the practice may want to consider as a result – to leverage an area of strength or mitigate potential weaknesses.
Conducted regularly, the practice will have a valuable tool for tracking performance and measuring staff satisfaction levels.



Few would deny that staff are absolutely critical to the ongoing success (or failure) of a business. They represent it’s ‘face’ to the client and through various interactions with not only clients but also the representatives of licensees, product and platform manufacturers they intuitively know the plusses and minuses of each group. Why wouldn’t you want to know what they feel?