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Coaching / Benchmarking Platform – The HealthClub

Keep your business ‘healthy’ by joining our HealthClub


In many ways, we see this facility as the ‘end game’. The HealthClub is our web based business coaching program which allows the business owner access to all aspects of a coaching relationship on line. As such it is ideally suited to a well-established practice whose owner has most likely had face to face arrangements with a business coach in the past and is now looking for, and is capable of, an automated solution. It can, of course, also be cleverly leveraged with an existing coaching arrangement.


Through our HealthClub the adviser will be able to:



Of course, providing access to any tool doesn’t automatically result in increased profitability or efficiency for the practice. The skill is knowing when to introduce the right tool and how to leverage it into dollars. That’s why Business Health will work with your practices and/or management team to ensure implementation at maximum effect.



A 24 x 7 solution for all of their practice development needs. The only thing the HealthClub won’t do is… do it for you. At the end of the day, the owner of the business will need to demonstrate leadership and commitment to the ongoing evolution and improvement of the practice, by making the HealthClub an integral part of the overall business processes.




BDM’s and PDM’s can play an important role in the delivery of the service, aided by a proven platform and process. The information provided to the network on the key financial benchmarks, level of implementation of key strategies and completion of actions can also further drive the network to improved efficiency and profitability.



As with everything we do at Business Health, our objective is always the same… to help the business owner improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the practice, leading in turn to improved profitability. We believe the HealthClub certainly encapsulates that objective, and provides a valuable tool in helping any network add value to their clients.