Estate Planner

The Estate Planner is an innovative diagnostic designed to help clients better understand their estate planning situation and provide opportunities for you. The Estate Planner provides a comprehensive report to each individual on the level of preparedness of their estate plan, including suggestions and the possible implications of their situation. It is designed to provide information and drive the client to seek advice from you, or from other professionals in their (your) network.

What is in it for you?

1. Value add to existing clients – demonstrable service provided

In the post FOFA world delivering value to clients will be vital. Being seen to deliver this value will perhaps be as important to retaining clients and ongoing revenue. The Financial Disclosure Statement (FDS) will outline each client was offered a personal estate plan analysis – demonstrable value provided by you to your client.

2. New business opportunity – existing clients

A client’s situation can change quickly. The required estate plan can also change. This means there is an opportunity to uncover needs that relate to a client’s estate plan that require advice. Fees related to liaising with lawyers, life insurance, income protection insurance, trauma insurance and self-managed superannuation funds are all solutions that provide the opportunity for you to provide much needed solutions to your clients. The Estate Planner educates the client on some of the outcomes if they are not prepared – creating a “disturb” and a need.

3. Client acquisition

The Estate Planner can be used for networks as well. Clients of your Centres of Influence such as Accountants can also be offered the Estate Planner, again offering a valuable service to the client and an opportunity to provide needed services.

What do you get?
  • An Estate Planner for each of your client/prospects – value and opportunity.

  • Your own URL that mentions your business name and/or an Adviser name only – you can use this in an email, newsletter, your own website – your choice.

  • Each client Estate Planner Report is personalised to you (provided by XYZ).

  • You get a copy of every Estate Planner Report completed by a client/prospect that has logged onto their URL.
What does your client/prospect get?

An individual report of their estate planning preparedness.

Your investment - $750 plus GST – unlimited usage for 12 months – per adviser.
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