Return for effort (yours)

Running a business can be hard work. There seems to be a thousand things to deal with (all of them urgent), you’ve invested a lot of your time, effort and money in a business which has seen the reputation of financial services sector called into question on numerous occasions over the past couple of years. As we said… hard work! On the other hand, you know you are performing a valuable service for your clients – the world of financial…

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Remedial Action Management

It is obviously important that all remedial actions are addressed as quickly as possible and certainly within the prescribed time. It is also important that there is one “source of truth” for these actions. Trying to manage this through emails and CRM’s can mean information gets lost and important remediation does not happen. RTC (Real Time Compliance, a web-based software system for compliance management) has a remediation process built into its audit tool function. The system automatically generates specific remedial…

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Practice Management by the Numbers (7 of 7)

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, this has been one of our key messages ever since we launched Business Health in 2000. And while a lot has happened since then, this message hasn’t changed – it simply makes good business sense in our view to know your key metrics, track them over time and to know how you compare in the marketplace. So, in an effort to contribute we thought we’d share with you our latest analysis of the key…

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