What’s different this time around?

I can recall the moment vividly – it was mid November 2018 and the last day of a three-day conference which had been attended by almost 300 high quality, professional financial planners. The sessions had been informative and educative, the speakers had been interesting and well prepared and the coffee cart conversations positive and confident. But then, during the closing session the convenor posed a question to the audience – who had made a significant change to their business model…

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How are your staff travelling?

In recent blogs I have commented about the wisdom at this time, to seek feedback from your clients – how are they perceiving the service your practice (their adviser) is providing. Are they satisfied? And while this might seem to be ‘best practice’ 101 and surely everyone’s doing it (I can assure you, they’re not), the other critical element to every business which also needs to be checked in on regularly is your staff. They are invariably the front line…

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Busier than mustard trying to ketchup?

From my regular discussions with advisers all over the country it’s clear that, they are doing everything in their power to assist their clients during the turmoil of COVID-19. Reviews are being undertaken across all facets of the clients’ financial plan, communication has lifted in terms of relevance, frequency and medium, meetings have continued to be held (albeit virtually), staff are continuing to provide outstanding service from their homes and so on. From where I sit, financial advisers are certainly…

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