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The Business Health Team

Rod Bertino, Tony Stephens and Terry Bell are the three principals of Business Health, a practice management consultancy established in 2000 to provide practical, down-to-earth and proven support to the owners of financial advisory practices, to enable them to get a feel for the ‘health’ of their practice and how it compares to the broader market.

After 18 months of software development, our first diagnostic (Business HealthCheck) was launched in 2001. Since then we have regularly expanded our suite of services (a process which continues) to the point where today we believe we offer the most comprehensive range of practice management solutions in the marketplace. In Australia we have developed diagnostics for other markets including mortgage brokers, accountants and the generic small business market.

Business Health has operated for a number of years in New Zealand, USA and Canada as well as Australia, with clients ranging in size from large multinationals and AFS licensees through to boutique financial planning firms. We provide cutting edge advice and business development programs to private clients, and our unique diagnostic tools enable us to build and maintain a significant base of data.

Each member of the Team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the financial services industry. Each Principal has had many years experience in a variety of senior management, business development and operational roles and through their consulting they have been able to help businesses position themselves for success in the 21st Century. Their knowledge of market trends and business structures, both in Australia and internationally has allowed many professional advisers to build valuable, profitable, sustainable and relevant practices.

Rebecca Smith’s primary responsibility is client service and works closely with clients to develop customized software in the areas of compliance and practice management, delivering user-friendly, functional systems according to client requirements.

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