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All of our tools and services have been designed with one objective and that is to improve the profitability and ongoing viability of the advisory practice. Since our establishment in 2000 we have not wavered in our goal – to provide practical, proven support to the owners of financial advisory practices, to enable them to get a feel for the “health” of their practice, how it compares to the broader market and what they might do to further lift their profitability.


It’s difficult for most owners to know what is termed (for want of a better description) ‘best practice’ – in a similar business (to mine), what is the standard ratio of support staff to clients? What is the average level of practice profitability? Is my practice generally performing better or worse than my peers and colleagues?

The HealthCheck is a unique, objective and innovative business diagnostic tool, proven and backed-up by the knowledge and experience of the Business Health team. It covers both qualitative and quantitative aspects of your business, is web-based and accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and your details remain totally confidential.

CATScan Client Survey

In every market we work, we are regularly reminded that most practices have no formal process to ask their clients what they think of their services. While it’s impossible to refute the wisdom of seeking client feedback, most principals are unfortunately too busy managing the daily ‘stuff’ to devote time and effort to this area. 

Staff Feedback Survey

Aside from it’s clients, the most valuable asset of any practice is its people. They represent the front line of the business, its face and image. And very often, considerable time and effort has been invested into their training and overall development.  Doesn’t it make sense to tap into their thoughts for and feelings about your practice?

Estate Planner

The Estate Planner is an innovative diagnostic designed to help clients and prospects better understand their estate planning situation. The Estate Planner provides a comprehensive report to each individual client on the level of preparedness of their estate plan, including suggestions and the possible implications of their situation. It is designed to provide information and drive the client to seek advice from their adviser.

Business Valuation

Succession and practice transition remain top of mind for most in today’s marketplace. And it is imperative that principals, whether considering buying or selling, truly understand the value of their business.

Business Planning

It’s a well accepted business principle that ‘the money is made in the planning’.  Yet our research indicates that almost 50% of practices don’t develop any plans for their business. How will they successfully address the major marketplace challenges of today without a carefully thought through, and implemented, plan?

Business Coaching

Most successful people, irrespective of their area of expertise, will invariably look to external input and advice, to help them further develop. To someone they respect (will listen to) and who will hold them accountable.

Tools, guides & templates

Over the years we have developed an extensive range of material to address specific areas of practice management.

Board of Advice

As the business cycle evolves, there usually comes a time when the owner of the practice seeks further input and advice to complement the support they’re receiving from their business coach. Are you at this stage now to consider implementing your own board of advice?


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