Business Valuation

How much is the business worth?

Through our Business Evaluator process we will look at a number of different factors to determine the market value range of a business. We begin with benchmarking the practice using our unique ‘health’ rating system – HealthCheck. Thereafter we will seek feedback from clients, through our CATScan survey facility and the staff (Confidential Staff Survey). That’s our first phase and generally takes six – eight weeks. Where ever possible, we’ll look to factor in a visit to the practice itself – through this onsite visit we’ll be able to gain a deeper insight to the ‘look and feel’ of the practice.

While the first phase is underway, we’ll look to the financials – usually over a three year period.

Finally, we’ll consider the ‘fit’ of the buyer and seller.

What will you receive?

Apart from the unique insights the process will reveal into your business, you will receive a comprehensive, confidential Business Evaluator report, backed up by a detailed personal briefing (conducted by a principal of Business Health). The Report will incorporate a value range, based on different calculation bases, supported by the latest market trends.

Why go to the effort?

At the risk of stating the obvious, enormous effort, sacrifice and risk goes into establishing a successful business. Doesn’t it make sense that this is recognised by taking a professional approach to the final evaluation? While, in the past, value determination has been driven effectively by two factors – the bottom line “numbers”, and the negotiating skills of the buyer and seller, we believe there is so much more if fair and equitable value is to be derived by both parties.

Where to next

To purchase a valuation for your business, or discuss your valuation requirements with a Business Health professional, contact us on 02 9518 6966 or or BH Contact Form. Business Health also offers an Advocacy service for business transitions, whether you are looking to merge, buy or sell your business.


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