Converting data & insight into proven solutions

Business Health is an independent organisation specialising in advice and solutions to the financial services industry.

Since its establishment in 2000, Business Health has evolved as one of Australia's leading practice management groups. In addition to its Australian clientele, Business Health has operated for many years in the USA and Canada, and has worked in South Africa, UK, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Who do we work with?

We work extensively with leading fund managers and insurance companies, broker-dealer groups and advisers alike. We provide specific services and products designed to enable individual businesses to identify and address both problems and solutions.

Our services offer customized advice and solutions, including:

  • •   Benchmarking
  • •   Strategy formulation and implementation
  • •   Practice management
  • •   Packaged programs and "how to" workshops
  • •   Surveys and research

Business Health's diagnostic approach makes us uniquely relevant to any financial services business. Our specialized and independent expertise can help to identify existing and potential problems and opportunities and then prescribe appropriate solutions and strategies.

How can we help?

Business Health is uniquely equipped to help you pinpoint your firm's strengths and weaknesses - and show you how to utilise our diagnostics and recommendations to your best advantage; capitalise on your existing client base; develop invaluable networks and alliances and increase your profitability.

We can offer you a wide range of tools and templates to improve and maintain your new-found business health, including:

  • •   Business planning
  • •   Client surveys
  • •   Practice valuations
  • •   Tailored workshops and presentations

Terry Bell, Rod Bertino, Ray Henderson and Tony Stephens have many years experience in the financial services industry. More information can be found on the 'About/Company Overview' page.