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Planning for your business

It’s well-accepted that ‘the money is made in the planning’, yet our research indicates that one in three Australian advice practices (33%) do not have a business plan for the next 12 months, while only 25% have documented their longer-term plan for the next 3 to 5 years. How are they intending to navigate the major trends and influences currently at play in our marketplace such as a baby boomer driven demographic (clients, prospects and advisers alike), continuing regulation and an ever questioning consumer, for example?

What is our process?

While no one plans to fail, our experience is that without a well-thought out business plan, diligently implemented and regularly monitored, chances are a business will indeed fail, or at best fail to achieve its potential. Through our well-defined process we will ensure your business has the plans it needs, specific to your business goals and addressing the most pressing business issues.

The steps include:

  • Pre-work: our comprehensive set of business diagnostics will be use used to gather all relevant information and benchmark your practice against comparable advice businesses, while feedback (confidential, anonymous) will be sought from clients and staff as well as owners and principals.
  • A 1-day Planning Workshop facilitated by Business Health, based on the results of the pre-work, key goals and issues will be identified and actions agreed.
  • A draft business plan will be prepared and presented to you for feedback and sign off.
  • ‘Progress to plan’ follow-up through regular monitoring.

What will you receive?

  • You will have the benefit of working with an experienced Business Health principal, who will help you to identify and agree the strategies to address your key goals and issues.
  • A clearly documented plan for your business, with clearly defined actions, action ‘owners’ and timeframes.
  • Regular follow up by Business Health, to support and encourage accountability by action owners.

Why go to the effort?

The very essence of what advisers do is planning – providing not only a clear direction for clients but also the defined steps they need to take to achieve their personal goals. It makes sense to do the same for your own business to achieve your own goals and maximise your business’s potential.

Where to next

If you wish to obtain Business Planning support for your business, or discuss your planning requirements with a Business Health professional, contact us on 02 9518 6966 or or BH Contact Form.

You can book a free initial consult to discuss the planning requirements for your business here.


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