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If you want to be held accountable to YOUR plan

In simple terms, the role of the coach is to work with the business owner, to help them deliver on their business plans. To hold them accountable to their agreed actions. There are a number of pre-requisites for a successful coaching relationship, including a clearly documented plan for the business must be in existence – defined actions, with agreed to responsibility and time frames. The business owner must not only have respect for the coach, but must be willing to listen (to the coach) and generally accept their advice.


While a ‘face to face’ relationship is preferable, we also offer a phone support capability.



In short… piece of mind. Achieved by having an objective, independent relationship through which you’ll be able to have your plan not only professionally monitored but also constructively challenged by an experienced Business Health principal.




It’s a well recognised fact that most successful people (whether they operate in business, sport, politics or government) see the benefit of utilizing external expertise to further challenge and refine what they’re doing. They go the extra mile. Why wouldn’t you apply this same approach to your own business?