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We have spent significant time and resources over a number of years developing a suite of diagnostics, tools, guides and templates with the specific aim to help the business owner identify not only the strengths and weaknesses of the practice, but most importantly what actions they should consider as a result. Improved profitability being the end objective.




For many networks, internally developed and delivered solutions have been the preferred strategy. Intuitively it makes sense (“we’re different to the others“) but how effective has it really been?  Click here for more information



Practice Improvement Programs

Developed for likeminded practices, these programs can be constructed for any given time period and can incorporate your own specific standards and solutions as you require (alternatively ours will be made available). Customised development, facilitation and ongoing support are the hallmarks of our various programs, with improved profitability the end goal.  Click here for more information




We have a wide range of interesting, relevant and practical material, which we are able to present at your PD days, conferences and special peer events. All underpinned by our unique database, these can be further customised to your specific requirements.  Click here for more information



Proprietary Research

If our database doesn’t have the exact information you’re looking for, we are able to conduct proprietary research on your behalf. Our own research platform will be utilised to deliver this to you in the most cost and time effective manner.  Click here for more information



Strategic Consulting & Analysis

Why not leverage the skills and experience of the principals of Business Health. We’ve worked in most areas of small business, particularly sales, marketing and practice development.  Click here for more information



Real Time Compliance (RTC)

Our online AFSL monitoring system provides efficient and effective management of your  Authorised Representatives. Fully customisable to your specific needs and current processes.  Click here for more information



Strategic Initiatives

We have developed a number of unique ‘devices’ to promote the ongoing professionalism of the advisory industry. Most notably ‘Practice of the Year’, Adviser Health Index, Dealer Health Index and Future Ready reports.  Click here for more information



Coaching/BenchMarking Platform

Often, to supplement the ‘face to face’ meetings with their BDM/PDM, business owners will want access to clearly defined business processes… when they need it. A 24×7 automated coaching solution managed and supported by the network.  Click here for more information



Network Insights

We have a number of diagnostics that provide valuable insights into your practices. Should you decide to introduce any of these tools into your network, we will be able to offer you a consolidation of this valuable data for your entire network. This data can highlight any strengths and weaknesses, and can identify the areas of opportunity where you can add the greatest level of value.


Diagnostics that can be utilised include:-

• HealthCheck  Click here for more information
• CATScan Client Survey  Click here for more information
• Sales and Marketing Plan (SMP)  Click here for more information
• Estate Planner  Click here for more information