Customised network program

BH has worked very closely with a large USA network for the last ten years, providing a highly customised and tailored suite of services including client-branded/badged diagnostics – predominantly using our HealthCheck, CATScan client survey and proprietary research tools to collect data and provide valuable practice management support to the advisors in their network. For this client, we developed an industry leading Practice Development Program (PDG) which BH principals deliver to the client’s leading Third Party Administrators (TPAs) through a combination of highly interactive, intimate workshops and intensive business forums. The programs have offered a very high level of value-add business services and support to the TPA firms and have enabled our client to differentiate their offer in the highly competitive TPA market in the USA.

The Head of TPA Strategy and Support believes that the biggest benefits delivered by this ongoing initiative are:

  • Through this clearly differentiated and unique offer, we are able to clearly demonstrate our commitment to the retirement market, its TPAs and financial advisors.
  • The ongoing nature of this initiative has allowed us to develop even stronger and more meaningful ‘b2b’ relationships with our key supporters, who in many cases, have been looking for strong business partner.
  • The data gained through the use of BH’s diagnostics has given myself and the management team a unique insight into the operating health of it’s leading TPA supporters.
  • The program gives our wholesalers a valuable ‘foot into the corner office’ to discuss pertinent business issues with the business owner.
  • The BH principals have been wonderful to work with – professional, proactive and ever supportive of our commitment to the retirement market.

Feedback given to our network client from one of their top performing TPAs:

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible opportunity to continue working with Business Health. We just finished our on-site visit with Rod today and it was absolutely amazing – a smashing success. Working with them over the last 4-5 years has truly been one of, if not the best thing to happen to our practice. Words cannot express the value and appreciation we have for those guys and their process.

Programs like the PDG’s and Business Health are why you guys are and will always be the best TPA partner in the business and why we continue to push as much business as possible to you. Thank you again for your partnership and support.”


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