CPAL is one of Australia’s largest networks of non institutionally aligned advisers, whose focus is set firmly on developing and supporting financial advisers by providing world class technology, services, education, on the ground training, and integrated compliance monitoring.

Business Health has been working with CPAL for almost five years across a number of diverse areas ranging from practice management through to compliance monitoring to support them in their journey “to create a new breed of advisers, and to set a new standard of quality and advice Australians can trust.”

What our client said: “Business Health has been able to customise its proprietary HealthCheck platform to accommodate our specific requirements for both practice management, benchmarking and operational compliance for our various networks. In doing so we’ve been able to clearly and objectively demonstrate to the marketplace that we are fully committed to Australia’s advisers. By partnering with Business Health we have been able to achieve a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Through the principals’ depth of knowledge and experience, we have been able to incorporate industry ‘best practice’ into our services.
  • We have been able to leverage their proven HealthCheck platform, to ensure reliability and responsiveness of our diagnostics, with minimal downtime.
  • We have jointly developed a stable framework through which we’ve been able to deliver our services in an efficient and consistent manner. This has been especially important for the professional discharge of our compliance responsibilities.
  • The information obtained from the diagnostics enables CPAL to gain a unique insight into the state of its advisers’ businesses and, in turn, the general state of the whole industry. This information will allow us to continually refine and tailor our offer, as circumstances might require, ensuring we are always providing the services and support our advisers need.
  • Our managers are able to distinguish themselves from their competitors and obtain skills and knowledge that will differentiate them in a very crowded marketplace. They have also been able to strengthen their relationships with their key supporters.

Outcome: Efficient and effective solutions for our client. A fully developed a customised offer for advisers, practices and licensees, all underpinned by ‘live’ data – providing our client with a highly differentiated offer in the marketplace.


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