All-in-one packaged solution

What is AdviserAdvance?

AdviserAdvance is designed to be used by financial advisory practices both independently or in collaboration with their licensee BDM/PDM/external coach. It allows an advisory business and its BDM/PDM to use Business Health diagnostics whenever and as often as needed, for a flat monthly fee. Importantly, this also includes a quarterly phone call with a Business Health partner (can be with the BDM, adviser or both); offering analysis and insights into the diagnostic results of the practice and may include suggestions for actions to improve any areas of concern or interest for the business.

What will you receive?

You will receive the following business diagnostics: –

1. HealthCheck – a qualitative and quantitative business diagnostic

2. CATScan Client Survey – a confidential & anonymous survey that benchmarks results for each practice to its peers

3. Estate Planner – an estate planning tool that can be offered to clients and prospects

4. BenchMarker – financial metric benchmarking

5. Six consulting hours per year – as required

6. Ongoing communication program – newsletters, blogs, webinars

Why go to the effort?

The HealthClub provides not only fantastic diagnostics and information on an ongoing basis, it also provides; opportunities for the adviser to engage with existing clients and prospects, and a structured platform for BDMs/coaches to engage with the adviser.

Quarterly phone calls provide an ongoing opportunity for all parties to discuss business practices with an independent experienced professional, ensuring that businesses gain the maximum possible benefit from the HealthClub.

Where to from here?

Please contact Business Health 02 9518 6966 or


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