CATscan Client Survey

Midsec Financial Advisors, a leading advice firm based in Adelaide, had recently achieved their own AFSL after moving from a well known licensee brand – it had been a year of great change and success for the business, but how would their clients react?

Many practices choose the easy route and defer the CATScan satisfaction survey to a ‘better’ time. It’s all too easy to defer and avoid the ‘perceived’ risk of surveying clients during, or shortly after a period of change.

But the Founder of the Midsec practice knew better. Having twice previously ‘CATScanned’ these clients, and having found the results and analysis of his client base very helpful, he was now very keen to learn how his clients were feeling in today’s new world. How would the 2021 ratings and feedback compare to previous results?

So the survey was implemented in July, over 200 clients responded and the ratings and feedback was overwhelmingly positive (top quartile ratings in all nine KPIs, with ‘Relationship’ maintaining its rank as the highest).

In concluding our debrief with Senior Adviser, Matt Stobart, we sought his feedback as to how he viewed the CATScan experience. His response was as follows;

“Thank you so much for doing that for us. Your services and processes were excellent. So easy to use, very prompt, couldn’t fault it. Great job Team!”

“The feedback we received was so insightful and helpful”

“You guys did all the heavy lifting”

The CATScan Report itself is professionally presented (ready to share with centres-of-influence and/or business partners etc), comprehensive, easy to read and understand. It also makes for fantastic marketing collateral. Midsec’s plans to share results with all staff, centres of influence and clients is underway.

Truly a win/win exercise for both the company and the clients. Midsec’s 2023 CATScan is already locked in.


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