Practice Development

We have for a number of years worked with Wayne, who operates his own AFSL in the suburbs of Sydney. Our work together has spanned the spectrum of practice management areas from business planning through to working on a personal level with some key staff.

Feedback from our client:

“The biggest benefits BH has bought to me and my team over the years have been:

  • A sense of objectivity (a dose of reality) as they work with a lot of different practices and get to see first hand what’s working and what isn’t. The experience which has been gained over many years through their work not only with Australian practices but also through their work in the US. They have also developed over the years a wonderful network which they have tapped into for me, as needed.
  • The principals have been a wonderful support to me and my team and have helped facilitate a number of ‘tricky’ people issues over the years.
  • All of our work together has been predicated on their unique business diagnostics – particularly the HealthCheck which has allowed me to get a real sense as to the ‘health’ of my practice, the BenchMarker which has compared my practice across a number of key financial metrics and their CATScan, through which I have feedback from my clients as to their level of satisfaction with our services (especially important and relevant at this point in time when it seems all aspects of the financial services industry is under close public scrutiny). As I have continued to utilise these tools over the years, I am in a great position to track my progress against previous results.
    These diagnostics have also provided a great platform for us to build our business plans over the years – a process which they have also facilitated on a number of occasions.
  • Finally, they have valued our business on several occasions bringing external perspective and objectivity to the process.
  • Rod and Terry have been great sounding boards for me bringing objectivity and creativity to our business.
  • They have always been professional, ever reliable in their support of Parkside in general and me in particular.

Outcome: Valuable marketplace intel, knowledge and objectivity which has enabled me to keep pace with my ever changing world. They’ve also made me aware of how well placed (or not) my business is through their unique diagnostics, backed up by their knowledgeable debriefs and insightful suggestions.”


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