It is obviously important that all remedial actions are addressed as quickly as possible and certainly within the prescribed time. It is also important that there is one “source of truth” for these actions. Trying to manage this through emails and CRM’s can mean information gets lost and important remediation does not happen.

RTC (Real Time Compliance, a web-based software system for compliance management) has a remediation process built into its audit tool function. The system automatically generates specific remedial actions according to audit results, or compliance managers can create custom actions, perhaps related to a specific file, change in policy or procedure or a training item. These actions are then included in the audit report that is provided to the AR. More importantly, ARs can track and manage actions via their own personal RTC web-portal, mark actions as complete and upload any evidence requested. The compliance manager has the final say/sign-off as to whether the action is completed. In this way, no action can get lost in a myriad of spreadsheets and emails – with RTC there is only one “source of truth”.

The Licensee has access to all this information and can easily and quickly see all actions generated. They can also see when actions are completed, which actions are due soon and importantly which actions are overdue. Actions can be given different priorities so that critical actions, perhaps related to a significant issue, can get the special attention they deserve. RTC collects data for management/overseers including; the average time it takes ARs to complete actions and what percentage of ARs complete their actions within the prescribed time. Actions can also be assigned to ARs at any time, outside of the audit process.

RTC ensures remedial actions cannot fall between the cracks.

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