Client reviews – a keystone for success

Of all the interactions an adviser has with his/her client throughout the year, there’s no doubt in my mind that the review is the most important. And before I get into it, the description of these meetings as ‘reviews’ suggests a ‘looking back into what’s happened’ approach. I much prefer to describe these meetings in a more positive sense – ‘progress to plan’ for example. This is one of my favourite topics about which it seems I’ve written and presented…

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In honour of Phil Guest – lessons that should not be forgotten

It was the saddest of news… one of the ‘best’ financial advisers I had ever known passed away a few weeks ago. And while we hadn’t kept in touch much over the years since Phil had retired down to the Southern Highlands of NSW, it was with a very heavy heart that I attended his funeral service last Friday. As is often the case, it was a time to reflect – we had worked together for a number of years…

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Converting unintended consequences into opportunities

We’re currently in the process of finalising our latest analysis of the ‘health’ of Australian advisory practices (Future Ready VIII) and have noticed a few early signs as to how well (or not) financial advisers are faring in this most disrupted marketplace. I thought I’d give you an early heads-up as to what perhaps will prove to be one of the most significant finding from our analysis – the dramatic reduction in client numbers. The average number of clients per…

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